Delaware Township needs fiscal responsibility and accountability!

We need creative solutions to the on-going tax burden that those on fixed incomes face.  Building more homes to shore up the tax base is not the answer!  In fact, adding more homes drives up municipal costs, leads to higher taxes, and destroys our rural way of life.  With strong, unified leadership on the Committee, we can develop solutions that hold the line on taxes AND provide services to all township residents. 

We will use our experience to lead by example in managing our municipal costs.

Preserving our Farmland and looking after our Farmers!

We need to work to preserve our farms ? they are often the only source of security for our residents.   Farmland preservation programs also help Delaware Township to maintain its rural heritage.  Here are some facts:

  • Over 25% of Delaware Township has been preserved
  • On average, every dollar Delaware Township spends to preserve a property is matched by 4 to 5 dollars from County, State and private contributions.
  • With the exception of Dilts Park (which sits on land gifted to the Township), all preservation deals relieve the Township of any responsibility for maintenance.
  • Preserving land from development keeps local taxes lower.  There are fewer roads to build and maintain.  Fewer houses means fewer school additions and teacher salaries to pay for.  Overall, there is lower demand for other township services when the population is stable. 

Delaware Township farmers are the backbone of our community and we will stand with them always!

Limiting the environmental impact!

We are all blessed to live in a township that is not just beautiful, but also provides a healthy environment for our residents.  Through Sue’s direct work preserving land and protecting our drinking water and Doug’s ongoingcommittment to restore agriculture to an historic farm, We embrace the responsibilities of  protecting the farmers’ way of life, and preserving environmentally sensitive areas of the township. 

We will work hard to maintain the quality of life for all residents of Delaware Township!